Welcome to The Cottage Bakery

Are you looking for freshly prepared bread and sandwiches?

It all started 11 yrs ago when we bought our very first shop The cottage bakery 45 Ansdell road where we made freshly baked breads & cakes   

We offer Birthday cakes, wedding cakes, fresh sandwiches and homemade hot and cold food. Since then, there are now 5 shops all doing similar but very different things;

Offering Delicious hot cooked food, freshly made sandwiches home, baked breads ,pies and cream cakes.

Freshly cooked chickens, cold sliced joints of meat. hand made sandwiches and baguettes, fresh pies and cream cakes.

Delicious hot cooked food, freshly made sandwiches home baked breads pies and cream cakes. O utside catering, hot pots, etc and cold buffets and cakes. W holesale breads, cakes and gateaus.

Hand made birthday, anniversary, christening and wedding cakes. A ll types of cake decorating equipment, boards and boxes. C ake decorating, demonstrations and classes.

Why visit The Cottage Bakery?

As well as our delightful sandwiches, you'll find:

  • A friendly and prompt service
  • Freshly prepared food and produce
  • High quality ingredients
  • Experienced and friendly staff

Feeling peckish?

Whether you're looking for a fresh sandwich, or for a bread wholesaler, The Cottage Bakery can help. Visit us today .

Looking for a quality bread wholesaler?
Call us now on:
01253 697 562
01253 697 214
01253 299 917
01253 405 964
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